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Engage With Website Visitors

No bots are involved. We only use trained staff to communicate with your audience in real-time.

All MagnifyChat data is viewable in our bespoke reporting suite. This includes website visitors, chat engagements, billable leads, and chat transcripts.

Every lead sent to our clients includes the consumer’s contact details along with a summary of the conversation, giving your team all the details required to follow-up with the consumer.

The Preferred Contact Channel

Customers prefer to speak with another human online rather than calling in, this statistic is ever increasing and this is due to the rapid response time.

An email can take up to 12 hours until you receive a reply. For social media, the average response time is around 10 hours.

For live-chat, the average response time is less than 2 minutes! A live-chat service is now a ‘must-have’ communication tool for any business.

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Increase Website Conversions

Live-chat is one of the best customer service options, they say that more than 30% of consumers find live-chat more informative and helpful as opposed to phone calls and emails. In another study, more than 79% of consumers felt the live-chat service provided a swift answer to various questions which swayed their decision-making.

Moreover, your relationship with your consumers deepen when you facilitate them with a live-chat feature as it is more personal and a direct way to communicate. In the long run, this relationship will become loyal and you will be able to generate more revenues from returning happy customers.

The benefits of MagnifyChat

Never leave a potential customer without an answer again.

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