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Increasing new customer orders through highly targeted PPC campaigns.

Intelligent PPC campaigns that delivered instant results, enquires at scale and a 288% uplift in revenue for this spray foam company.


An ambitious spray foam provider serving the B2B and B2C market.

ThermoFoam are a leading independent spray foam insulation company in the UK. Carefully crafting their spray foam recipe through research and development, they are the only company in the UK that offer their very own spray foam solutions ‘Sucraseal and Nexseal’.

ThermoFoam were new to the world of digital marketing and had no previous exposure in running paid search campaigns. They were particularly keen on increasing inbound lead generation to drive new business opportunities for the firm.

Our marketing experts took time to learn ThermoFoam’s business before carrying out extensive market research to lay the foundations for their new paid search campaign. We setup Google Tag Manager site wide to deploy relevant tracking codes and record key conversion points. The campaign was supported with a bespoke landing page to clearly articulate ThermoFoam’s value proposition and included custom data capture forms.

We knew the client’s main objective was to drive lead generation opportunities, and as always, our team approached the campaign in a pragmatic manner by using a combination of best practises, new ad features and in-depth reporting.

The results were staggering and ThermoFoam were pleasantly surprised with our ability to provide a new source of high quality enquiries for their business. With their high closing rate of new enquiries, it’s no surprise ThermoFoam were overjoyed with our ability to execute a superb marketing strategy.

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