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We create and execute highly targeted paid social campaigns to drive leads and sales through popular social channels.

Targeted Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the leading social media platform, reaching nearly 65% of internet users. Coupled with the fact the platform is home to around 3 billion active users, there’s a strong possibility your target audience are surfing Facebook as you read this.

Data underpins Facebook advertising by facilitating the accuracy of personalisation, targeting and continued optimisation. At MagnifyLab, our team delivers strategic Facebook marketing campaigns for our partners by pairing creative content with big-data analytics to execute a positive ROI.

Though Facebook offers huge potential, it requires a certain level of knowledge and experience to deliver successful campaigns. That’s where we come in. Whenever you need help and expertise, MagnifyLab provides the talent and experience you need to achieve success online.

Stand Out With Instagram

Instagram is an absolute goldmine for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Today, the platform boasts over 1 billion active users and has cemented its position as the ultimate social platform for sharing photos and video content.

There are of course layers behind a successful Instagram campaign. These range from testing different assets to the importance of personalised creatives and conversion funnels. Whether your business is looking to generate new leads, drive revenue or scale app downloads, we can help.

Our team loves to test, optimise and test again. Guided by the data, we activate ultra targeted Instagram campaigns that connect the dots between brands and people to target your audience at the right time, at the right place, with the right ad format.

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Generate B2B Leads With LinkedIn

Expand your client base and leads pipeline by advertising your business on the world’s largest B2B social network. Forget the vanity metrics of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’. We focus on what matters most – helping your business maximise leads and sales through data-driven strategy.

At its core, LinkedIn offers unparalleled targeting capabilities, enabling advertisers to target their prime audience based on variables including job title, industry, company size and so much more.

LinkedIn is constantly evolving and MagnifyLab evolves with it, putting our clients ahead of the curve. From initial strategy development to audience segmentation to campaign optimisation, our team leverages the best data insights to deliver successful LinkedIn campaigns for our partners.

Leveraging First-Party Data

Harnessing first-party data enables us to target consumers who already have a relationship with your brand. At MagnifyLab, we apply our data-driven approach to populate robust first-party audience segments to deliver highly-targeted paid social campaigns for our partners.

But it’s not just about targeting known customers. Using your CRM and website data, we can assess your most profitable customers by variables including average order values, order frequencies and website engagement to target new consumers across multiple platforms.

From pre-defined customer match campaigns on Google to Facebook custom audiences , our data-led approach puts your audience first, helping to create seamless and highly relevant campaigns that turn initial engagements into conversions.

Our Approach Towards Paid Social

Creativity is at our core. Our digital marketing consultants take time to understand your business to ensure we deliver the right message, to the right audience on the right platform.

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Paid Social Agency – FAQ’s

The Facebook pixel is a piece of Javascript code that sits on your website. Its purpose is to collect both visitor and conversion data that enables advertisers to build audiences and fine-tune campaigns.

By correctly implementing the Facebook pixel on your website, we can understand how consumers interact with your website after viewing or clicking a Facebook advert. Similarly, it will give us the opportunity to build out remarketing lists, lookalike lists and custom audiences.

Our team of innovators are backed with years of experience managing successful Facebook campaigns. We follow a data-driven approach to develop super effective Facebook campaigns for our clients.

We encourage you to review some of our case studies & excellent Google reviews below to gain a flavour of how we will add value to your business. Get in touch now to speak with a Facebook advertising specialist and find out how we can drive returns using the fastest growing online media platform.