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SEO Services in 2020

The world of SEO has evolved dramatically over the years, as Google continues to optimise their algorithm to ensure only the best sites serve for a user’s search query. Long gone are the days of keyword stuffing, mass link building and other ‘blackhat’ techniques.

Today, Google evaluates your site based on expertise, authority, and trust (otherwise referred to as E-A-T). Google’s purpose is to ensure they return the most relevant and reliable sources to a given search query. For this, your website needs to gain trust to climb up the organic ladder.

Modern day SEO can be classified into three key areas being: on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO. With our vast expertise and experience, you’ll be supported by some of the brightest minds in the industry that will help your brand scale online.

SEO On-Page Optimisation

Google’s algorithm uses over 200 signals to rank websites on the SERP. So, besides creating an awesome website, you need to consider a number of important on-page factors such as website architecture, organising content into tight themes, page structures, and content length.

At MagnifyLab, our consultants harness data using the best software suites to underpin your keyword strategy. Following this, we use tried and tested methods to ensure your website structure, codebase and content is set up in the best way for Google.

It’s important to stress we don’t use a ‘copy and paste’ method at all. Every industry is different and every business is different. You can’t wing it by gaining a few links and writing some meta tags. For this reason, we carry out a 360 review and prepare tailored SEO strategies that will help to drive new customers to your business.

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Importance of Link Building

SEO is all about well crafted content and good backlinks. Without amazing content, you’ll never get links. And without good link building, you will struggle to get eyeballs on your website.

Link building continues to play an integral role behind every successful seo strategy and helps to improve your domain authority over time. By targeting a good set of high DA websites, you will see a positive impact to your organic rankings.

Our approach to link building focuses on the quality of links pointing to your website rather than quantity. This allows us to generate a pool of both relevant and qualified sources that link to your domain, which ultimately helps to bump up page positions.

Content is Still King

Content plays a crucial part in helping your website rank organically. This is where the popular phrase ‘content is king’ starts to ring true. One of the most critical elements behind ranking your website is ensuring your content is relevant, engaging and informative.

From the outset, our consultants work with you to determine your most important services and map out a clear content strategy, designed to propel your online positions.

The process starts with initial keyword research to identify high search intent terms and finishes with organising your website content in a logical way. This will help both search engines and website users find your content easily. With good crafted content that falls part of a holistic and well considered seo strategy, MagnifyLab will guide your company on the road to seo success.

Our Approach Towards SEO

All of our campaigns are bespoke to our clients needs. We promise to help your brand stay competitive by implementing strategies that will work for today and tomorrow.

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SEO Services London – FAQ’s

SEO involves both an artistic and scientific approach. After all, you need to be creative with new content generation and have the ability to carry out more technical elements too.

A carefully constructed seo strategy will help your website rank higher on Google for targeted search terms that are important to your business. You benefit from a stronger digital presence on the most popular search engines in the world, which will ultimately drive higher volumes of traffic, enquiries and new customers for your business.

There are many variables that affect your website ranking on Google. Our SEO consultants take into account many considerations when crafting strategies to elevate your website. These include on-page, off-page and technical ranking signals such as website architecture, internal linking, website speed, content distribution and backlink generation.

Every client is different. As such, our pricing is tailored based upon your current position and how much work is involved to achieve your overriding objectives.

Our flexible SEO plans start from £750 per month and scale towards £4,000 per month for our larger clients.

With search engine optimisation, the ongoing measurement of your campaign is critical in defining its success.

Our team track important data points including keyword rankings, website traffic, website conversions, sales and backlinks using a variety of software including Google Analytics, Google Search Console & SEMRush.

In doing so, we can measure the effect of our work down to a tee. As an example, we routinely monitor improvements in keyword rankings, growth in monthly organic traffic, and increases in website activity.

Although every business is unique, and every website is different, the methods used to monitor SEO performance largely remain universal.

The truth is there is no straightforward answer to this question as it depends on a number of variables. Let’s face it, no two websites start from the same place and there are a number of factors at play when determining how quickly (or slowly!) your website will benefit through SEO.

Some of these factors include when your website was established, how much work has been carried out on your website, how much content your website holds, domain authority and market competition.

Whether you operate a business on a B2B or B2C level, there will be a fair amount of competition standing in your way to rank on page 1 of Google.

We know new websites generally take longer to rank on search engines as they require more time to gain authority. Existing websites usually experience quicker results as they’ve already been indexed by Google.

SEO should be a long-term strategy for your business to increase inbound leads and sales. Your London seo agency have years’ of experience in this area and will help you prosper online.

This is a common question we’ve come across over the years. Ultimately, link building continues to play an integral role behind every successful SEO strategy and helps to improve your domain authority over time.

Our approach to link building focuses on the quality of links pointing to your website rather than quantity. This allows us to generate a pool of both relevant and qualified sources that link to your domain to supply a regular flow of free traffic.

You may have come across the expression “content is king” and this couldn’t be more true in today’s SEO landscape.

By crafting quality content across your web pages, blog posts and social media, your brand can generate valuable links that will drive healthy volumes of traffic to your website.

To conclude, while link building plays a valuable role in your SEO efforts, creating exceptional content will certainly take you further.

For those who are new to the digital world, SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimisation. In a nutshell, this is the process that dictates the online visibility of your website across the organic listings on Google & Bing.

Google’s algorithm gives preference to websites that provide relevant content to user’s search results, and those that hold a high authority within their market. As an example, if you search for ‘SEO agencies London’, Google will return results for SEO agencies in London.

Google’s algorithm processes over 200 signals during the ranking process. These factors can be classified into three areas being: on-page SEO optimisation,  off-page SEO optimisation, and technical SEO.

Some ranking signals carry more weight than others. As an example, high quality content on your domain will be far more important than the age of your domain. After all, search engines exist to provide the most relevant results to a user’s search query.

The underlying aim behind our proven SEO services is to drive traffic, leads and sales for your business. Speak to our experienced team today to discover how our SEO services will help to improve your online visibility.