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Every e-commerce website needs a Google shopping campaign that will flourish, to drive brand awareness and sales. Broadly speaking, this boils down to four main components: Product Feed, Google Ads Campaign Structure, Bidding & Optimisations.

Our Google shopping agency provides a fully managed service for our clients, from initial feed setup on the Google Merchant Centre to daily campaign management including bid optimisations, removing irrelevant traffic and day-parting strategies.

Google shopping management runs through our DNA. We will ensure your products are displayed to the relevant audience and encourage more consumers to visit your website.

Google Shopping Management

The first step is to implement your Google shopping feed which lays the foundation for the success of your entire account. This involves linking your e-commerce site to the Google Merchant Centre.

Our Google shopping specialists will optimise all areas of the data feed to maximise ROI. This includes product titles, descriptions, images, custom labels and bidding strategies. A fine-tuned data feed ensures higher visibility and sales at a reduced cost. A poorly optimised feed will hamper performance and lead to poor results.

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What’s an optimal starting budget?

Google charges on a cost-per-click model, each time your advert is clicked. The CPC varies by vertical based on a number of factors including market competition, feed optimisation, campaign structure and quality score.

When running shopping and search campaigns in parallel, we’ve established shopping campaigns typically deliver a lower CPC than search campaigns. The prime benefit here is we’re able to stretch our clients marketing budgets.

Budget requirements will depend upon your marketing objectives and how many items you wish to promote within your Google shopping campaign. We generally recommend a minimum monthly investment of £1,500 for smaller merchants, £10,000 for medium sized merchants, and £25,000+ for larger e-commerce sites.

The benefits of Google Shopping

Google shopping ads are very effective and play an important role in driving online revenues for many e-commerce websites. Below are some of the main benefits for running a Google shopping campaign.

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Google Shopping Agency – FAQ’s

Google shopping is a service provided by Google that allows merchants to advertise products to consumers online. Consumers have the ability to compare various products within the Google shopping section, including product price, colour, size and availability.

Google shopping has become an an important vertical for many e-commerce businesses, given its potential to drive a high volume of sales from a targeted audience. The Google shopping specialists at MagnifyLab have many years of experience in managing successful campaigns for our retail clients.

Get in touch today to discuss how we can help your business maximise sales and new customer acquisition through bespoke Google shopping management campaigns.

Google shopping listings work completely differently to Google search ads since they don’t involve keyword targeting criteria. Shopping adverts are largely driven by relevance between the product listing and search query performed on Google. This makes it imperative for advertisers to deploy fine tuned shopping feeds and campaign structures to maximise sales and reduce wastage.

Google shopping campaigns are all about delivering a strong ROI. The success of your campaign can be divided into four main areas: product feed, Google Ads campaign structure, bidding & optimisations. With the right strategy and approach in place, you’ll quickly discover the possibilities with an expert Google shopping agency like MagnifyLab.

Product listing ads or PLA’s appear within both the Google shopping section and along the Google search results page (SERP).

Your listing will typically display when a search query relates to an active product listed within your Google Ads campaign. However, it’s common to receive some irrelevant traffic along the way, making it imperative for daily campaign optimisation. Speak to the Google shopping experts at MagnifyLab to discuss how we will scale your business online.